Wireless Phone Plans Analyzed and Reviewed (Along with Promo Codes)

Walmart recently made the big announcement that every iPhone user was hoping for. That had to be the inclusion of iPhone in its very famous Straight Talk wireless communication service. This is an offer that has gone down well with many technology enthusiasts. Much as customers are required to pay full price for their phones to get connected, Straight Talk costs only $45 per month and encompasses a plethora of services — unlimited internet, data and voice, of course, being part of the list. The $45 amount is about half of the cost of most contract plans in the United States and other parts of the world.

The Straight Talk service now seems to be the talk of the town in most parts of the country. People are starting to opt for pay-as-you-go plans rather that communicating on contractual airtime controlled bases. Even if the price for your phone on the Straight Talk service has to be paid up front, it is really worth the inconvenience. Do the math yourself. For instance, the cheapest iPhone that you can get today goes for $649. That is much more than you would have to pay in case of a subsidized plan. However, thanks to the Straight Talk service, you do not have to pay $90 upfront to make use of a contractual plan. Switching to Straight Talk would definitely be the best option for you. You might see it as a burden in the first few months, but wait until you break even.

Is Straight Talk really the in-thing?

Much as many people are praising Straight Talk, there is another group that is expressing discontent. Perhaps the probable justification for doing so is because they are not familiar with the service. If you did not know, Straight Talk is offered by TracFone. The company has contracted a large number of major carriers around the globe. The intention is to offer coverage to a large percentage of people using mobile phones today. Perhaps, if you are exercising reservations, you can research some user testimonials on the Internet today.

The first time you start using Walmart’s Straight Talk service might be quite challenging. In fact, if you are using it on an unsupported phone, it might not serve you best; most of its features would be disabled. That is why you have to get the iPhone 5 to enjoy using this service. One of the programs that Straight Talk offers is the Bring Your Own Phone program, commonly abbreviated as BYOP. It allows you to buy a Straight Talk card without necessarily having to buy a cheap phone, which you probably would not need to use. The standard straight talk SIM goes for about $14.99. You could also get a micro-SIM within the same price range. Perhaps it might be worth noting that this program supports GSM phones and not CDMA only ones.

A look at the ins and outs of the straight talk service

This service costs you only $45 a month. If you do your comparisons right, you will agree that this is much cheaper than what other prepay carriers charge. Consider the benefits that come with it: messaging, data and calling are all unlimited. Thanks to the BYOP program, you can port your cell number from your old network to the new Straight Talk service. This is quite a great benefit; considering that AT&T and Verizon provide the coverage, it is even a plus.

Of course, one of the questions you might want to ask in this case is whether the SIM card will be able to fit into your phone. That is a valid concern. However, the most crucial one is whether this service is truly worth the money. To be able to set up the Straight Talk service, you just need your GSM iPhone; you do not have to unlock it.

When it comes to the issue of MMS and data services, there is a little bit of work that would be required of you. However, that should not surprise you. It is much easier to manage. All you have to do is to select Straight Talk from your home screen and then install the carrier profile provided. If you want to jailbreak your iPhone to get the most out of this service, you could also do that.

The drawbacks

When you are using the Straight Talk service, you might face the danger of losing visual voicemail. The network does not support this functionality. Therefore, you are advised to make use of other existing solutions; YouMail, for instance, might come in handy. Overall, if you are talking of the best iPhone carriers existing in the world today, the Straight Talk service must be part of that list. It just works perfect.

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